Version 4.11 - (April 12, 2019)


    1 Journal Entry
    1.1 Filtered status in the invoice will stay even if user goes to invoice details in the edit page.

    2 Digital Postbox
    2.1 Upon hovering in exchange rate and amount field, text select cursor will display.

    3 Workflow
    3.1 Remarks can now be saved and is visible in edit page.

    4 Contacts
    4.1 When saving bank details, iban is not mandatory.


    1 Digital Postbox
    1.1 Negative amount will reflect upon entering negative amount in unit price field.
    1.2 Bank account number is saved successfully in the edit page.
    1.3 Private Vat amount is not added in the computation for Total Vat amount when company is set as Private Vat = False
    1.4 It can now merge invoices successfully.
    1.5 Upon clicking the “Select new relationships”, edit button is enabled for invoices.
    1.6 Amount is not disabled. it can now be edited. 
    1.7 Fields are now displayed properly.
    1.8 When adjusting the invoice date, the book year & period is automatically  adjusted according to the invoice date.
    1.9 It can now book and save successfully.

    2 Workflow
    2.1 Invoice can be saved successfully when creating or editing.
    2.2 “The “”Approved by “” auto-generated comments is not anymore visible in the list page but only in the edit page(status tab).
    If there are remarks inputted then it must show in the list page, if none then the column/field is blank.”
    2.3 Selecting another firm name in edit page can now be saved successfully.
    2.4  “Send to client” in workflow is now working fine.
    2.5 Workflowoverview mails are now being sent base on the settings.
    2.6 Negative amount is calculated correctly.

    3 Contacts
    3.1 Valid iban and BIC can be saved successfully. When clicking validate button for BIC, BIC will be validated even if IBAN is empty (Invalid BIC will display).
    3.2 It can now generate a BIC code based on the bank account number. When manually entering a BIC code and saving, it will also check if the BIC code is correct.
    3.3 It can save valid Iban and BIC successfully.

    4 Journal Entry
    4.1 Sent status cannot be edited and saved.

    5 Gateway
    5.1 Saving in edit page take 5-8 seconds maximum.
    5.2 When Sales is added upon creation of Administration, Default Sales scenario is automatically created in MFO.
    5.3 It can now log in to Gateway successfully.
    5.4 when codetp is deleted, codetp field will now be empty. DELETED Prefix has been removed. 

Version 4.10 - (September 21, 2018)


    1 Journal Entry

    1.1 When manualy creating invoice in Journal entry page, Process button will not be visible, can only do actions Save and closed.

    2 Payment List
    2.1 On generating SEPA file,when address/country of Supplier is more than 70 characters, it only displays 70 characters in SEPA file.
    2.2 Generation of SEPA file in Payment list will now require complete details for Bank IBAN and BIC


    1 Invoicing
    1.1 Fix on the printing of newly created and processed sales invoice, correct data and invoice header are now displayed

Version 4.9 - (August 30, 2018)


    1 Gateway
    1.1 Page loads all company in Company list page

    2 General
    2.1 Language of PDF when viewed in list page is similar to Edit page.
    2.2 Correct Vat Code computation is exported to Exact.
    2.3 Credit digital invoice is exported to MFO with positive lines
    2.4 Price in process job is extracted and reflected in MFO
    2.5 When invoice uses a vat inclusive vat code, amount will automatically have an inclusive vat calculation.

    3 Workflow
    3.1 Vat code field is enable after selecting supplier

    4 Payment List
    4.1 Invoice is transfered to SEPA created tab after SEPA is created.

    5 Masterdata
    5.1 After saving the scenario the page will redirect to the next scenario selected

    6 Orders
    6.1 After saving order, page will redirect back to order list page.
    6.2 the Description is automatically field in upon selection of Article in Entry line

    7 Digital Postbox
    7.1 Changed amount is successfully save.
    7.2 Shortcutkeys alt + m and alt + q are working

    8 Journal Entry
    8.1 Items in Journal column is globalized
    8.2 Digital Postbox is available in Journal Entry page

    9 Contacts
    9.1 Can select Language when creating new contact

    10 Digital Postbox
    10.1 Digital postbox module is visible on admin without DP module as long as the user has this module.
    10.2 Invoices are booked even when user add new entry line
    10.3 Input remarks on Remarks column in Worklist is visible in Approver’s Column of Digital Postbox

    11 Company Settings
    11.1 Pop up message in Company setting are globalized

    12 Workflow and Digital Postbox
    12.1 Cost unit is not required when saving Analytical line.


    1 General
    1.1 A new software is added in MFO named MyFinancialsOnline. This software does not allow exporting of data to other party.
    1.2 Private Vat is now available on MFO.

Version 4.8 - (August 06, 2018)


    1 General

    1.1 You can now see the full description in Remarks when you hover the column.
    1.2 Reduce the size of the PDF when the ZIP file sent to the customer
    1.3 A new Engine has been created, to detect and delete the duplicate suppliers.
    1.4 Added a new column name downloaded in Workflow E-FFF
    1.5 Added new column export date and time on the scans monitor
    1.6 No pop-up message when valid payment reference is set to true and payment reference is empty.
    1.7 Multiple uploading via dragging PDFs and Upload via choose file are now working.
    1.8 Date format in Financial Year and Period, Book Period, and VAT Period are now set (DD/MM/YY)

    2 Digital Postbox

    2.1 BTW BEDRAG column has been changed the format from DOT to COMMA. Also, when there’s no digit behind the comma it display the zero’s.
    2.2 Keyboard shortcuts are now added along with the Color Legend and Quality Matrix
    2.3 Invoices that uses VAT shifted, IC/ Contracting partner as Vat Codes was marked X under its invoice Details.

    3 Monitoring page
    3.1 Changes made when item to sync is company, it will sync list of exact companies also

    4 Worklist
    4.1 In Workflow the decimal places in Unit Price is now in decimal 5 places
    4.2 All filter has been added.


    1 Gateway
    1.1 System will now generate all XLSX file

    2 General
    2.1 User can now reset the password without error occured.
    2.2 Importing of the booked sales invoices in the Venice is now okay
    2.3 You can now activate the new user using the activation link sent thru e-mail.
    2.4 Fixed concern in opening one or more than PDF in overview screen
    2.5 It is now possible to rotate the invoice.
    2.6 Fixed concern in analytical degree
    2.7 Fixed concern about analytical multiple degrees

    3 Workflow
    3.1 On Hold invoices and orders are visible in the worklist page where workflow under company settings set to Proposal
    3.2 Invoice with Manual set to true can now manipulate Deductable VAT amount, and can be saved successfully without returning to it’s default or previous value.
    3.3 Previously, approving of invoice/order in the workflow show a failed message which you were not able to approved the invoice/order. We fixed it.
    3.4 The description is now included once you generate a file in the WIP list.
    3.5 Fixes: The total amount in entry line and header is recognized as exclusive amount plus the vat amount on its Totalbedraag. Sample The total exclusive amount is 3000 and its 21% VAT perc is 630, in this case the Total Amount is 3,630.
    3.6 In the Workfow, the Amount column by default was sorted into descending.Every remarks inputted are now log on the History tab.
    3.7 Remarks made by 1st Approver can now be reflected to the 2nd Approver’s remarks field
    3.8 Document attached is now visible in Worklist edit page.

    4 Payment List
    4.1 Added a filtering in the Payment List, specifically on the Paid tab. You can now filter the data for (Ten Days, Last 3 months, Last 6 months, Last 12 months, Last 2 years and ALL)
    4.2 There are certain suppliers which is the Account number changed automatically after the SEPA file was generated. We fixed it.
    4.3 Invoices with discount will now be transferred to SEPA Created tab after SEPA is generated

    5 Invocing
    5.1 When the description of the invoice has been changed in the Workflow, the changes will also reflect in the Invoicing.
    5.2 Previously, the period imported in the Expert/M didn’t coincide in the MFO. We fixed it.

    6 Monitoring page
    6.1 It is now possible to download the batch manually
    6.2 Only the filtered data will be reflected on the generated report.
    6.3 Only the filtered data will be reflected on the generated report.
    6.4 Added a two new filtering in Synchronization (Show all and In Queue for syncing) Show All – It display in order by company id. In Queue for syncing – display all the administration that are currently syncing.
    6.5 Syncing of customer and supplier are now okay.
    6.6 Changes made when item to sync is company, it will sync list of exact companies also

    7 Digital Postbox
    7.1 User can now used Booking Template in Digital Postbox without error encountered upon saving.
    7.2 You can now do the splitting of the invoice in Digital Postbox
    7.3 If there’s no discrepancy in the amount, in the Quality matrix the amount will be in Green.
    7.4 Fixes: There should be the same VAT period reflected both in booked and exported pages based on the actual adjusment made upon booking the invoice.
    7.5 On the booking template, it show/filled-in automatically the templated data specially the VAT percentage.
    7.6 Fixes: The Total amount should not be equal to Amount Exclusive of Vat column.
    7.7 Previously, when we create an invoice the discount amount and discount percentage did not reflect in the Digital Postbox Sales. This has been fixed.
    7.8 Booking of sales invoices gives a failed message and the invoice were not booked successfully. We fixed it and you can now booked the sales invoice w/o the failed message.
    7.9 You can now see the remarks of the approver in the Digital Postbox.
    7.10 Invoices are now match in the propose booking system

    8 Journal Entry
    8.1 Uploading of a document in the manual creation of invoice in the workflow is now possible, once you activated the Document in the customization window.
    8.2 In the Invoicing, once you create an invoice, we change and make these fields (Invoice number, Amount, Description, Invoice date, Due date) empty.
    8.3 Even the PDF button has been clicked the Delete button is still clickable.
    8.4 Fixed concern in TP ID

    9 Contacts
    9.1 On the customer/supplier, the data in the Code column, will only from the Third party application

Version 4.7 - (June 18, 2018)


    1 General

    1.1 Improvements: It is now possible to input manually in the Period.
    1.2 Improvements: Have changed the name of the Remarks to Invoice Remarks in the edit page of the invoice
    1.3 Improvement: We resized the Files if it is exceding 10 MB to below 10 MB before being send to Exact
    1.4 Improvement: Contact ID will show along the Account Name.
    1.5 Improvements: Only Ledgers and Suppliers with changes made within 5 days are included in syncing for EXACT
    1.6 Improvement: An email is sent to Assigned user when the approver request info about the invoice
    1.7 Improvement: Generated file in scansmonitor now displays item according to the filtered status and filtered date.

    2 Worklist
    2.1 Improvement: Invoice description found in worklist page is now included in file generated in worklist page.

    3 Payment List
    3.1 Improvement: Have added BIC information in Payment List.
    3.2 Improvement: It is now possible to change the descritpion of the invoice in Digital Postbox List once it saved or booked.

    4 Digital Postbox
    4.1 Improvement: “Invoice has duplicate details” is now added in qaulity matrix description for F column with “!” mark
    4.2 Improvement: The Invoice remarks information is now showing in Workflow for the second approver
    4.3 Improvement: “G/L account” column is moved between ‘Firm Name’ and ‘Batch Description

    5 Journal Entry
    5.1 Improvements: Reset button is available to journal entry page in all software when its assigned, when not, reset button will not be available.

    6 Monitoring page
    6.1 Improvements: You can now Select or upload Multiple invoice using the Scan Service widget.
    6.2 Improvement: Exported to ACC has been changed to Exported

    7 Reports
    7.1 Improvement: Outstanding Work is now available even the user has no Digital postbox module

    8 Contacts
    8.1 Improvements: A message will show when user have added same existing Bank details (IBAN and BIC).this will help user to prevent duplicate Bank Details. User can still save same IBAN with different BIC.

    9 Gateway
    9.1 Improvements: In modifying the company, You have an option to generate layouts for Invoicing and Order.
    9.2 Improvements: You can now generate a file based on 100 user per page for user report.
    9.3 Improvement: The engine is now scheduled per Week or Month to check the status of the Administrations only in Exact.
    9.4 Improvement: Have added a new config “Use existing”. You now have an option to select a Customer or not customer.


    1 General
    1.1 Exporting of credit note in Venice is now okay.
    1.2 The calculation of Non deductible Vat percentage in Digital postbox.
    1.3 It is now possible to book with Analytical.
    1.4 It is now possible to send an invoice in MFO.

    2 Workflow and Digital Postbox
    2.1 It is now possible to print using the shortcut key “Ctrl+P”.

    3 Master Data
    3.1 When there is no default vat code in Customer or Supplier, the vat code will be National.

    4 Gateway
    4.1 You can now create a new user.
    4.2 You can now select company in the Assign Company Wizard.
    4.3 the filtering in code column is now working properly.

    5 Scans Monitor
    5.1 The show all functions in Scans Overview.

    6 Journal Entry
    6.1 Can be able to reset in Journal Entry. However, for sales it will be enable if the invoice is scanned.

    7 Payment List
    7.1 It now displays the correct Bank details upon filtering in Payment List.

    8 Worklist
    8.1 The Attached document in Orders is now showing upon Approval of Order in Workflow.


    1 General
    1.1 Can upload other doc type in widget aside from Purchase and Sales.

    2 Gateway
    2.1 Added an information on when and on what time the User log in and log out.

    3 Digital Postbox
    3.1 Have Added Approver information in Digital Postbox.

    4 Scans Monitor
    4.1 You can now filter the Period in Scans Overview by Weekly, Monthly, Last 3 Months & Last 6 months.
    4.2 have added an Export date and Time information in Scans Monitor page.

    5 Assign Scenario
    5.1 Have added a batch number information in Assign Scenario page

    6 Outstanding Works
    6.1 Have added an information for administrations on what software they are using.

    7 Master Data
    7.1 Added RGS code which is inherent in G/L account and is Disabled to prevent from editing

Version 4.6 - (May 14, 2018)


    1 Masterdata

    1.1 Improvement is applied to be able to edit in Masterdata’s Journal edit page and be able to save successfully.

    2 General

    2.1 Improvements are made to show correct pages after updating MFO and avoid clearing of cache
    2.2 Improvements are made to Invoice line. It now displays base on the filtered invoices.
    2.3 Changes are made in Importkluwer job to update the supplier/customer in Expert/m.
    2.4 Improvements are made to create a new customer when Belian Vat number does not match with Dutch vat number
    2.5 Changes are in BarcodeUpload Job to add addtional check that if a pdf contains one 1 page then it will be moved to a folder where ‘Only_1_Page’
    2.6 Changes are made to Webservices to be able to save CfBW eamil format
    2.7 Have added description in quality matrix for condition Total Line Vat Amount is not equal to DedVat Amount + Nonded Vat Amount and Manual Calculation = true.
    2.8 Error codes were improved. Brief description is now available on each error codes.
    2.9 Outstanding work report is now available for administrations that Is Workflow only

    3 Digital Postbox

    3.1 Improvement in the invoice counter in Digital postbox to display open invoices (not including rejected invoices)
    3.2 Improvements are made to be able to book invoices when the invoice has a 0 amount.
    3.3 In Color matrix Blue is added for indication that the invoice is set as for Quality check
    3.4 Improvements were applied on description on Digital Postbox. When editing on the description on Digital Postbox list, description on all entry lines in the invoice will be copied.
    3.5 Analytical level 2 until 5 in Digital Postbox item is hidden to all software except in Expert/M
    3.6 Sort icons for scans and stamp in Digital Postbox are now different and correct

    4 Gateway

    4.1 No pop up warning for password expiration for Local Administrator users
    4.2 Improvements are now made to “assign Company Wizard” . There s is now the possiblity to remove users access from a company
    4.3 Changes are applied on “Assign User Wizard” and “Assign company Wizard” . The text when finishing assigning were now corrected for English, Dutch and French.
    4.4 Arrangements of fields were now improved on Company edit page

    5 Reports

    5.1 Text “NAN” is removed when there is no Outstanding work available

    6 Journal Entry

    6.1 Improvements are made to make Journal edit page load faster due to some changes in Journal that made it slow to load.

    7 Monitoring page

    7.1 Changes are made to Scansmonitor. Will limit to 1 month based on startdate of the scansmonitor when generating report.
    7.2 Improvements were added in Scansmonitor. Active company are now included in the generated report . Additional column is also added in the report indicating if the administration is Active or Not Active

    8 Mobile App

    8.1 Password policies such as Password Expiry Notification and Account Lockout on 5 incorrect logon attempts are applied in Mobile Application

    9 Invoicing

    9.1 Changes were applied to be able top round off Vat amount to Whole number.


    1 General

    1.1 Fixes are made to completely export all nonded vat on G/l accounts from Venice to MFO.
    1.2 Fixes are already made for analytical button in entry line. Should be visible after saving the entry line with a g/l account.
    1.3 Fixes are made to barcvodeUpload job. Disregarding the file type “thumbs.db”
    1.4 Fix is made for duplicate Mailroom address
    1.5 Fixes are made to ExportToMFO that if vat code type is IC/Contracting (for sales), will be using 0% vat percentage
    1.6 Fixes are made to ImportKluwer to reflect the correct booking in Expert/m
    1.7 Fixes are made to completely sync all customers in MFO from Expert/M
    1.8 Credit – Debit booking in MFO should be the same when it goes to Expert/M
    1.9 Fixes are made when resetting Password. It can now reset password successfully even if full name has double spaces.
    1.10 Fixes were now applied for duplicate invoices. Invoice will only be duplicate if it has the same invoice details.
    1.11 Fix made for normal user when accessing Report page it will redirect to correct page
    1.12 When new company with workflow and/or invoicing is created, system now creates default layouts
    1.13 Fixes were applied when the changing the software of administration. When software of the administration is change in Gateway it automatically change also in the backend.
    1.14 Fixes were applied for Expert/m. It can now sync G/l accounts for Sales invoices.

    2 Digital Postbox

    2.1 Fixes are made to correct the end date for booking period when book year is split into two years.
    2.2 Fixes made when Organization is using a grayscale for viewing of PDF in entry edit page to view multiple page invoices
    2.3 Fix on the merging of invoices in MFO
    2.4 Fixes are made when Validate booking is set to TRUE. When saving the entry, then it should save even without ledger.
    2.5 Fixes applied on Digital Postbox list page. User can save the description.
    2.6 Fixes were now applied to view the invoice upon hovering in Digital postbox mainscreen.
    2.7 Analytical data is visible on the dropdown menu of Analytical line.

    3 Contacts

    3.1 Fix is made to remove all new contacts (Green in contacts list) which are not used

    4 Invoicing

    4.1 Fixes are made to display all invoices in Invoicing page.

    5 Workflow: Assign Scenario

    5.1 Fixes are made to view the PDF of Sales invoice in Workflow/Assign Scenario

    6 Master Data

    6.1 Fixes are made for the Syncing of Payment condition in the Supplier edit page to make it visible in the dropdown selection.

    7 Report page

    7.1 Fixes were now applied on Outstanding Work page wherein assigned Department in Gateway reflects in Outstanding work page.
    7.2 When user opens Outstanding work report assigned department will be selected in the Department field by default


    1 General

    1.1 A notification message will show when the amount in analytical is less than the amount in the item entry line
    1.2 Implement the transaction message
    1.3 Option added in Company settings for the user to specify email address to send the Workflow Overview mail and Approved/Disapproved/On Hold invoices
    1.4 New field is added in user level, when set as TRUE email will be send to the user for Request info. Only when the invoice is assigned to the specific user

    2 Payment List

    2.1 New Feature is made to Payment list. Generate SEPA option is hidden once the selected supplier/customer of the invoice has no KVK Number AND Vat Number. And when supplier/customer of the invoice has no KVK Number AND Vat Number color legend will be blue.
    2.2 Pop up notification will show if the Supplier/Customer in the invoice has no Bank Details – for generating SEPA file

    3 Invoicing

    3.1 Option added in Invoicing page to generate an overview for Sales invoices based on article name

    4 Gateway

    4.1 Added “Order” module in selection of Module page in creation of Organization and administration wizard

    5 Digital Postbox

    5.1 Approver and Approver Remarks Columns has been added in Digital Postbox list page.

    6 Journal Entry

    6.1 New Feature is added in Entry list called “Process By” showing the details as to who processed/booked the invoice from Digital Postbox.
    6.2 Batch Number field is now added in Financial-Journal Entries through custom
    ize button.

Version 4.5 - (March 11, 2018)


    • Improvements is applied in Masterdata. Data in GL account type column is now visible in MFO for those using PH.
    • If the company is set to VAT Liable = FALSE, the BTW period does not necessary need to be filled-in upon processing.
    • If the administration is set to “Non-VAT”, there is no more VAT calculation in the entry. Regardless of the set default in the Supplier/Customer details.
    • ​On GL account there is a % filled for private use. When this is filled in it should be booked on a different GL account. The specified GL account is on Journal. 
    • ​All blocked payment conditions is not visible in MFO.
    • The possibility that the payment terms would only be used if there is no due date specified in the API.

    • This is an improvement for Webservice.
    • If user get predefined startpage but the settings for the default homepage is not set per user, the default homepage set for this user in MFO shall be used.
    • TVA exoneré – service intracommunautaire which is in French to correct is changed to “exonerée”
    • Upon creation of the Organization, Languages that will be set by default are ENGLISH, NL and FRENCH.

    Workflow & Financial – Digital Postbox
    • Improvement is made for Analytical amount field to compute automatically.
    • Improvement is applied when selecting Period form and Period to when deferring costs. Period from and Period To will not be based anymore on financially year of invoice.

    Digital Postbox
    •  Payment Reference in Digital Postbox edit page is enabled.
    • The G/L account is shown in the code and description in the DP list screen
    • When company setting is set as “Validate Booking “ to NO, the invoice will be successfully booked despite the difference. However, the amount that will reflect in the entry shall be the total amount of the article lines and not the header amount. 

    • Assign department wizard is removed for Normal users to prevent conflict of access rights.
    • New column “Company code” added in Company list page in Gateway .
    • Fields in Company edit page are arranged and aligned. When the selected item has a long description, it does not go beyond the boundaries of the fields allotted for the Sector.
    • There is now a text “Warning” in the pop up modal shown in gateway log in page when the password of the user will soon to expire.
    • Search in Company on column software now filters per software. As for Exact Online, it only filters Exact Online softwares and for MFO Exact Online, only MFO exact online software.
    • The possibility to remove users access from a company” is built in “Assign Company Wizard”.
    • For Customer/Supplier details changes made in MFO will be syned to all 3rd party application specially to all syncing software.
    • Changes made to the Scans overview report: Reversal of the Sorting of the period, Removal of the vertical page break and the addition of the OnlyScanstreet, status and Software fields.
    • In Generate Scans overview report in Gateway, will make 3 yrs the default range. 

    • Outstanding Work is also made available for Workflow. ​
    • Improve the sorting of colunms in the Outstanding Work.
    • Upon sorting the value per column In the Outstanding Work, it is now based on the number of data indicated.
    • Add information to the audit trail log table ;Firm Name (Supplier or customer) , Invoice date and invoice number.

    • Aside from (.COM), It is now possible to save file extension (.AGENCY) in Email field in Company setting.

    Journal Entry
    • Journal edit page is set to as Readonly, change is applied only to companies that uses software that requires syncing.

    Payment List
    • If in case VAT number and KVK number is empty, there should be an error message for awareness of the error.
    • Improve the highlighted red memo date in ayment list to avoid confusion.

    Worklist Edit page & Digital Postbox Edit page
    • In article line of the invoice, if  Manual  field is set to FALSE  then VAT amount field is disabled. and when Manual = TRUE the VAT amount field will be enabled so that the user can round off the Total VAT amount.
    • Able to use +, -, *, / in all amount fields of analytical to calculate the amounts.

    Mobile App
    • A notification will be visible that indicates “Uploading multiple invoices/images” in Mobile app when user uploads invoices.
    • Uploading of invoice in the phone app via “PhotoCamera”, taking of picture shall be continuous.

    •  Generating an overview list of Sales invoices created in invoicing page is based on article name.

    •  Improve the internal contact dropdown. Instead of showing the top 30 list in the organization, the dropdown shows all the Internal contact in the organization.

    Worklist, Journal Entry & Digital Postbox Edit page
    •  It is now possible to automatically compute the amount in the Analytical article Line. 


    • Fixes is applied to make the field for admin search larger.
    • Fixes is applied when exporting invoice to Exact. When invoice has 0/empty payment condition in MFO, invoice in Exact will have 0 payment condition upon exporation.
    • Fixes is applied on exporting of invoice from MFO to 3rd party application. When invoice that is credit note is booked, Right Vat amount and code is being exported.
    • Fixes is applied on Exporting of invoice from MFO to Exact. when invoice is in Dollar currency, Currency in Exact should also be in Dollar.
    • Fixes is applied on ExportWinbooks job for G/L accounts, VAt number and code were now successfully synced.
    • When changing the user’s password, “Password can not match user name or part of user’s full name.” will not pop up anymore as long as the new password does not use the name or user’s full name.
    • When an Organization is already Inactive or a user is already Blocked, they will not receive any form of emails on their end.

    Digital Postbox
    • When the field “Automatically Copy Description” in company settings is set to TRUE, description in the invoice will automatically reflect in the description field in the item line part.

    • Fixes is applied when after order has been reset the order is visible in assign scenario page if scenarios is more than one. It will also retain in for approval tab.

    •  The preview of the invoice should look similar with its generated Print Preview layout.
    •  When creating new france administration and setting its language to France, the Digital Postbox page is now okay.
    • When software used is MFO Exact Online, manage bank button in DP edit page will not be shown even if there is already bank details available. However if bank details is empty, manage bank button will be enabled for user to add. When Software used is other than MFO Exact Online, manage bank button in DP edit page is always enabled even if bank details is already available. 

    •  Recurring invoices are sent to the Third Party Application.

    •  User can only see what administrations are assigned to them.

    •  Changes made on remarks/description by one approver of the invoice is now visible to the other approver of the invoice.

    Master Data
    •  VAT code type for VAT code “Leveringen naar landen buiten de EU” is changed from National to EXPORT NOT EU.


    • Addition of new software, “Organimmo”.
    • Removed pop up notification “E-mail could not be send”, if dissapprover email notification of workflow is empty and client disapproved invoice with remarks.
    • There will be an Email Notification to the users whenever there are invoices reassigned to them requesting for information.
    • Changes is in ExactBoxDownload job. Adjustments are pertaining to 1 EOL Message ID = 1 batch regardless of files attached.

    • Refresh button is added in Outstanding work page. Right After clicking the refresh button the “Total Not Exported” and “Total Error” field will then display the count of the invoices.
    • In Authorization Matrix page under Reports module, the Generate button was replaced with Refresh button.
    • Addition of logs for User changing the name of administrations.
    • Reports will follow period from the processed invoices, adjustments and bank entries, not only invoice dates.

    Payment List
    • It is now possible to generate a file (CSV, EXCEL, PDF) in Payment List- SEPA File created tab.
    • Save as paid is now available in the SEPA created tab. When button is used, invoice will go to Paid tab and once invoice is reset, invoice will go to ready to be paid tab.
    • SEPA is accessible for Credit purchase.
    • Can generate CSV, EXCEL and PDF file in SEPA FILE CREATED TAB.
    • Save as paid button is added in SEPA created tab, in which user can be able to do manual putting of invoice created with SPEA file as PAID. And also, When the invoice is set as PAID it will be transferred to PAID tab. Invoices has indicator that it has created SEPA file and was set as PAID. 
    • Add the button “Save as paid” to the SEPA created tab.

    • Payment Button is an added feature in Invoicing page to make payment and Balance column is also added to help user see the balance of their payment if there are any.

    Worklist & Reports
    • Scanned Date is available in Worklist > Invoice edit page > History tab and in Document Overview under Workflow Module. 

    • The Filter status in DP list page is now possible.

    • “Scans Overview” report in gateway has been adjusted. First, In the settings of the company: ’empty’ = FALSE ans ‘X’  = TRUE. Second, in Month Field – Month is indicated (example: JAN,FEB,MAR…). And lastly, adjustment in the arrangement of the header.
    • If administration is set as Workflow = TRUE and there is no sales scenario created invoices will send directly to Exact Online. Also, add a flagging in Administration level if they use this specific flow. 
    • A new setting field in org level is created (not maintainable). Field name is MailroomDocTypeSetting, default is 0. Value indicates : 0=same process, 1=using # (#P – purchase, #S-sales, #D-personal declaration), 2=using mailaddresses (-9P@ – purchase, -9S@ – sales, -9D@ – personal declaration).

    Master Data
    • To put back the again the loading of VAT code list of administrations that uses accounting software that doesn’t have syncing.
    • Addition of the Commercial name in the customer details of invoice layout.
    • the possibility of syncing Analytical purchase and sales for analytical entries

    Gateway & Master Data
    • if “UseDueDate = True and default payment condition is set to supplier/customer, The default payment condition should be set thus, if no default set then the due date selected in the scanstreet should be filled in.

    Worklist, Invoicing & Digital Postbox
    • Added a pop up notification that indicated the user when the Supplier/Customer used in the invoice has no VAT number and KVK number since they cannot generate SEPA file once the said details are missing.

    Journal Entry
    • Put “Archiving” filtering in Journal entry page same as in Workflow.

    • added description column in worklist page.

    Organization creation and Administration creation Wizard
    • The module “Order” is added in the selection of module pages in Organization creation and Administration creation. 

    • implemented a BIC code validator for Supplier/Customer for NL.

    Worklist, Journal Entry & Digital Postbox
    • There will be a prompt when amount in analytical is less than the amount in entry line. 

Version 4.4 - (December 09, 2017)


    • Improvement is made when value 0.00 in the edit page is clicked. It will automatically disappeared.
    • Improvement is applied on Remark field. It is now enlarged and it can have 274 characters.

    Digital Postbox
    • Manager bank button will be disabled if Supplier/Customer has already IBAN details.
    • Improvements made are for default fields in Digital Postbox.
    >>For existing users like local admin and normal user, when opening Digital Postbox edit page customization button in Purchase, it has 12 default fields. For Digital Postbox- Sales, there are 10 default fields, same default fields with purchase but without Payment Reference and Currency.
    >>For new user, it has the same default fields just like the existing users.

    • In the User page, search fields were added on the column Disable, Locked and Customer.
    • Improvement is made when creating a new administration. When choosing E-FFF Download as software, no Code TP is required.
    • Have made improvements when assigning Workflow Report module. When its activated, Workflow related reports are now activated like Workflow document overview. For Outstanding Work to be visible in Reports menu, Workflow Report + Digital Postbox in financial group should be activated.

    Payment List
    • Improvements were made for Sepa file. Tag  “EndToEndId” is filled-in with the value of tag  “PmtInfId” + index of transaction.

    • Improvements were applied on confirming new password.
    >> HTTP is now changed to HTTPS
    >> “Enter your new password” is now changed  to “Enter you new Password and confirm”


    Financial – Digital Postbox
    • Fixes were applied when clicking CHANGE button for the second time, Dropdown for journals is shown without doing refresh on the page for the dropdown to show.
    • Fix is made on ImportExact Job. Error for Mandatory Payment condition does not occur anymore.

    • Made a fix for credit note layout. Instead of getting the normal invoice layout, it now gets the credit note layout.
    • Fixes were applied on Auto process invoices.
    >> When invoice is set to recurring(Auto process), invoice will automatically go to for approval tab. But when scenario used is auto-approve and invoice is set to recurring(Auto process ), it will automatically go to approved tab. 

    • Made a fix in Payment List pages. Viewing of the page and fields were arranged when setting the screen size to 100% and even a little more %.
    • Fix is applied on forgot password. Pop up modal “MFO Outgoing Mail EOL Address” has been replaced to Email Address.
    • Fix is made when generating excel file on Users. Workflow on Modules column is not doubled.

    Payment List
    • Fix is applied when a user generated a SEPA File then Memo date is used instead of invoice date value.

    • Fixes were applied on Analytical line.
    >> Need not to click the analytical button twice for analytical to load.
    >> No error encountered when creating analytical and upon saving it.
    >> Column name for amount is visible.
    • Fixes were made for inactive users. They cannot get a mail notification for invoices that are not assigned to a scenario.
    • Fixes made is applied on the edit button to change an invoice in the Worklist. It is changed from bekijken” to “wijzigen”
    • Fixes applied when approving an invoice. Multi-approvers will receive an email for approval mail for Scenario using “and”.
    • Fixes applied upon selecting multiple invoices, invoices are not shuffled and page will not auto refresh.

    • Fixes were made when clicking the Search Company button in Company creation page, it needs to input required VAT number field. Otherwise, there will be a prompt message indicating that you need to fill in VAT number.
    • Fix is applied after clicking Finish button when choosing USERS in the Assign Department Wizard.

    Master Data
    • Made fixes when syncing Discount No. on Payment Condition for Expert/M.
    • Applied fixes for deleting a scenario.


    Company Settings
    • Drop down field in Company Setting > Workflow tab name Reset Total amount.
    >> In the drop down field, it has options Monthly and Yearly and None.
    This option will be the basis of the frequency of Total Amounts in Worklist will be reset. Basis for the Monthly and Yearly reset will be the creation date of invoice (upload date), By default, no filtering will be made when a user will not select any options on the drop down field.
    >>User can reselect frequency desired. 
    ​• Made additional feature for adding or editing in Bank details that is in Company settings. Once saved, it will reflect in the Gateway or vice versa.
    ​• Added feature in the Company settings. >>“IsSyncPaymentConditions”. This is used for payment condition of Supplier/Customers to be updated.
    ​• Added feature on the VAT code field for Purchase and VAT code field for Sales to be visible in Company Settings > Financial tab.
    ​• Made changes on the field VAT code for Purchase and VAT code for Sales to be visible in Company setting > Financial tab.

    • Fixes were applied in the Assign Module page. Payment list is no longer visible in the Workflow group in assigning modules, both in Organization and Users.
    • Made additional feature for assigning Multiple departments in User/s.
    >> It is now possible to assign existing User with multiple departments in Assign department wizard or create new user with multiple departments in User Wizard or in new button in User list.
    >> Multiple departments can also be seen when generating report.

    • Scan Date on invoice history overview when sending to third party.
    • Fixes is applied on the job when syncing Payment Condition. When Company, supplier and customer is synced. Payment Condition in DP is updated and will no longer be empty.

    • Made adjustment on the Remarks field in the Assign Scenario page

    • Added discount percentage in the invoice for the invoice layout.

    Digital Postbox and Journal Entry
    • Added Period From Date and Period To Date in the Digital postbox and Journal entry pages edit page
    • Vatcode sales services has been manually set to IC.

    Payment List
    • Pop up message indicating if BIC filled in is not valid same as validation of the IBAN details

Version 4.3 - Patch Release (November 12, 2017)


    Financial – Digital Postbox
    • Fixes made in Digital Postbox edit screen. Edit screen is now shown completely.
    • Fixes made on the edit page of invoice. Total amount and Total VAT amount is no longer interchanged.
    • Fix is applied when exporting invoice to Venice. Non-deductible amount is now automatically and correctly calculated.

    • Fixes applied when modifying the quantity of the invoice. It will automatically changed the Amount (Price) and after modifying it cannot approved order.

    • A fix is made in width for the username container. Username longer than 150px usernames, it will not overflow but instead it will have an ellipses (…) in the end.
    • Fixes applied when importing sales Invoices to Venice Application. VAT codes added were used when importing invoices and were visible and correct in the 3rd Party Accounting Software – Venice.

    • Fix made for scans monitor list that Email sender label is now changed to Upload sender.
    • A fix is applied for the filter box for the last three columns in Users page.

    • Fixes made on the Supplier’s/Customer’s VAT number field. It can be edited and changed as long as it is a correct VAT format number.

    • Fixes are applied when a user is Requesting Info.
    1. Other user who is not an approver for re-assigned invoice, but asked for Request Info, could no longer approve the invoice. Approve, disapprove and on hold buttons are disabled now to those Request Info invoices under the Worklist of another user.
    2. History also showed no approving activity by another user who is not an approver of a scenario that is assigned to the invoice.
    • A fix made so that the username or approver will reflect on the username column after request info sent to the user, after saving it, and sending back to original approver.

    • Fixes are applied when Generating Excel, PDF and CSV file of the users. It doesn’t take too long to generate the files. Moreover, fixes are also made when generating companies and no error occured.


    • Added a new column in Outstanding work report for the total of not yet assigned invoices
    • Include the administrations with no scan(s) in the generated Scans Overview report

Version 4.2 (September 25, 2017)


    • Remarks filled in on the Status tab in invoice edit page will reflect on Worklist screen under Remarks column


    • Made fixes for WIP Page. It will auto refresh every 5 minutes. For edit page. There will be a pop up indicating that page is Outdated and that it needs to be refreshed.
    • Made Fixes when supplier’s name is edited through Invoice edit page, after saving it, it will reflect in the invoice, worklist and supplier without refreshing page
    • Made fixes for Request info. It can now process successfully invoice that needs request info.

    • Made fixes for doubled company shown when synchronizing

    • Made fixes for resetting company that causes deadlocks in Database.
    • Made fixes for inactive users. Inactive users are no longer found both in User list and Generated file

    • Made fixes for disabling add button in Invoicing/Orders when there are no journals set to Is Invoice= true

    • Made fixes for recurring invoices. it can now generated invoices in Drafts successfully

    • Made fixes for the creation of Organization, it can now receive mails for Local Administration and User


    • Add new field for the unique ID of the duplicates the rejected invoices.

Version 4.1 (August 27, 2017)


    • Added an indicator in the Dashboard page for Reverse Billing invoices

    • Invoice in PNG format is now accepted and can be uploaded

    • Improvements in the translation from English to Dutch

    Company Settings
    • Hide unnecessary button in Company Settings

    • Added a function on the Workflow module for better control of editing invoices

    Improvements on the rights of the Local Administrator users in creating administrations

    Payment LIst
    • Improvements on the SEPA file creation in the Payment List

    • Fixes on the bugs related to Non-Deductible VAT Amount field in Financial|Digital Postbox|Invoice Edit page.

Version 4.0 (August 07, 2017)


    Payment List
    • Added a prompt message (“Can’t generate SEPA file, BIC code is missing.”) when BIC Code is missing upon generating SEPA File.

    • Made improvements when viewing the PDF.

    • Reassign and delete button in worklist edit page>>Status tab is now in bigger view and has been adjusted in the center.

    • Made adjustment when UseWorkflow field set to Yes that makes Add & Delete buttons not visible in Journal Entry screen,
    and UseWorkflow field set to No that makes Add & Delete buttons visible in Journal Entry screen.
    • Adjusted the selection of invoices for Booking in Digital Postbox. Selection is now per page.

    • Made adjustments that the user can now filter client code having special characters.

    Company Settings
    • Adjustments made when using comma in amount for creating new article is now accepted and saved successfully..


    • Minor improvements on the dropdown field for the file types option in Monitoring|Scans Monitor page
    • Fixes for the issues on the file generated for the UserOverview and ScansOverview in Gateway|Company

    • Added new column for Approver’s Invoice Remarks in the Workflow|Worklist page
    • Fixes for the bug when editing Supplier Details in Workflow|Worklist|Invoice Edit page
    • Removed the server error in the invoice Edit page
    • Fixed the Request Info function in the Workflow scenario
    • Fixed the loading time when saving manually created invoice in the Worklist
    • Fixed the error in the Worklist page

    • Minor fixes in the dropdown field for Financial Default Purchase GL and Financial Default Sales GL under Company Settings|Financial Tab to show all ledger accounts.
    • Added the English Filipino in the language dropdown list

    • Fixes for the issue related to the selected Ledger Account in Financial|Digital Postbox’ Display Book
    • Fixed the issue of creating invoices in Invoicing page

    • Removed the server error in the Outstanding Work Dashlet page

    • Fixed PDF hover for orders
    • Corrected the fonts of the invoice PDF layout

    • Fixed the amount computation in the Payment List


    • Removed unnecessary button in Financial|Digital Postbox

    • Added new column for Upload Type in Monitoring|Scans Monitor page

    • Added new default and customizable template for Credit Notes.

    • Added new fields in Company Settings|Financial Tab – Financial Default Purchase GL and Financial Default Sales GL

    • Improvements on the Show All function in the Scans Monitor

Version 3.3 (May 19, 2016)


    • When invoice is uploaded twice, it will automatically have a duplicate in Worklist. The duplicate will be highlighted with color red.
    • Generated files under Payment List is now organized by Supplier.

    • IC codes are defaulted with 0% and it is now visible in sales IC invoices under DP/Edit page.
    • When there is 100 purchase lines or more, it will now load for more or less a minute.
    • Upon creation or editing an invoice in Journal Entries or Digital Postbox, Description is functioning properly. Even if you edit or change the Supplier or Customer, description will not change.

    • VAT amount is calculated correctly now whether the countries of ADMIN and Customer are not the same.
    • When invoice is set to recurring and is generated, generated recurring invoice will automatically be approved after processing when invoice’s details is not change. However, when invoice’s details had been altered it will normally go to assigning of scenario.
    • Credit invoices can now be multi-selected.
    • When Select All button in Payment List is clicked, it will select all the invoices in payment list. However, if you have filtered invoices and you click Select All Button it will only select all invoices that was filtered.

    Master Data
    • In Article Code, you can now sort out its status by Active, Inactive or Nothing (both active and Inactive).
    • Article codes are not sorted lexicographically anymore. It is already in sequence.

    • Empty vat codes in supplier’s details are automatically updated with the code used from an invoice booked under that supplier.

    • ADD button in G/L Account, Journal, Period and Vat Code is removed under administrations that uses software requiring syncing to 3rd party application. This was removed since the data should be from their 3rd party app.


    • Filtering search field in all pages are now functioning normally. You can now enter in the filter fields and filter fields can now filter what you have entered.
    • When you search for the administration in MFO administration search field, name of the Administration will remain in the field.
    • Name for ORDERS that is reflected in the report layout is changed from BESTELLEN to BESTELBON
    • Base ware software can now load data.

    • Recurring page is not empty anymore, properly loads data and buttons are recognizable.

    Company Settings
    • Administration / Settings for VAT Liable field displays VAT or NO VAT remarks accordingly.
    • In Company Settings/Invoicing, Check mail before is working fine. When a company does not use Workflow and Check mail before is set to True, processed invoice will not automatically send a mail to the customer. Whereas if check mail is set to False, after processed, it will automatically send a mail to the customer.

    • In contact Screen MFO, you can now add multiple SBI Codes.

    • In Scans Monitor, when select all button is clicked, no pop-up error is shown.

    • Debits and credits for Display book is now working fine and will display the Debit and credit amounts equal.
    • When selecting period. no error in DP/ edit page is shown.
    • In Digital Postbox, it can successfully book an invoice.
    • In Digital Postbox, upon filtering the type of transaction by Credit or Debit is now possible.

    • Vat Fields (Code, Percentage, Amount) is visible in the Article lines and will compute vat amount correctly depending on its vat code and vat percentage.
    • It can now preview layout in Invoicing list page.
    • It can now attached pdf file in the sales invoice page and the mail together with the attached file will be sent to the customer.

    • It can now edit mailroom email field and can be save successfully.
    • In Company list page, refresh button is working accordingly. Page will be refreshed.

    • It will no longer redirect to an error page when creating a sales invoice under Workflow.
    • In Payment List, it will no longer round off invoices to 100. Full invoice amounts are now included with two decimals.


    • Created by Column will display the name/ the one who created the invoice if it is manually created, otherwise it will display the word Scanned
    • When exporting reports (CSV, XLS, PDF file) in both purchase and sales invoice, Credit Note is now displayed.

    • In User Overview Report, XLSX generated file have new columns; Department, Homepage, Is Active and Is Local Admin. (same software used in DRV).

    • In the contact screen , you can now add multiple SBI Codes.
    • There is a new field created for Supplier contact under Company Specification –“Special” field
    • We can now copy and successfully save an existing template from a particular supplier to other Supplier.

    Company Settings
    • There is a newly added field in Company Settings. “ Use invoice number as entry number ” and “ Sales invoice Not in sequence”. This setting will be used for companies don’t want to have checking if the entry number for sales invoices is in sequence upon exporting to TP.
    • Upon going to Digital Postbox list, users can select multiple entries or invoices and change them all at once to credit note YES/NO through the CHANGE button.
    • New field in DRV “Use TP Exchange Rate” field was created in Company Settings/General

    • There is a dashlet named Outstanding Work Report which can be viewed in Dashboard.

    • New column added in Scans Monitor. “ Client Code”

    • Department column is also added in MFO – ScansMonitorList, AssignInvoiceList and Worklist.

Version 3.1 (March 30, 2016)


  • An improvement on Assign Scenario page in which the remarks can be edited.
  • In Invoicing menu, it can now generate uploaded invoices that are not yet exported.
  • An enhancement made in the Approval History Report where in Date Column is added.
  • The template language for Invoicing and Order will be based on the language of the account being used.
  • Added the “Search Company” button for easy creation of new administration in Company Wizard.
  • Made enhancement in the Item Code and Description fields where in Description can only be shown in the field except for Currency.
  • Set local admin as the Default User upon creation of the new Administration in Company Wizard.
  • Improvement on the language used on template for mail and Workflow.

  • Added a column named “WHO” in the Worklist to be able to know who did the last action of the Invoice.
  • Added a column (Date) for the approval history in PDF file.
  • Added Export Type (SEPA File) in Invoicing and Payment list page.
  • Field “Period Date Control” was added in Company Settings in which it is used as booking basis.
  • Added an additional data for the overview report in Gateway.
  • Added a new functionality in Gateway that can export the overview report from Companies.
  • User can be given Read Only Access. User that was assigned for Read Only Access will be able to see the Worklist of the selected user but can’t do Approve, Disapprove and On Hold. It can only be viewed.

  • In Company Settings (Order menu),wrong attachment type is being shown.
  • A small fix in giving user access rights to a certain company.
  • Select Delivery Notes button in Workflow is not working
  • Fix in VAT Amount calculation when processing Invoice in Digital Postbox Edit.
Version 3.0 (November 11, 2016)


    Bookscreen / Digital Postbox / Journal Entries
    • Changed the Merge and Split button icons.

    • VAT percentage will change automatically to 0% if the customer is outside the company’s country.
    • Changed file name format for pdf downloads to “[invoice number]_[Invoiced to].pdf”.

    • Local Administrator user will have access in all modules.


    • Fixed issue on CfBW menu link.
    • Fixed issue regarding clicking Cfbw menu in MFO app – it should open into a separate tab.

    Dashboard / Reports
    • Fixed issue in generating list of approved/processed invoices.

    Bookscreen / Digital Postbox / Journal Entries
    • Fixed issue regarding missing GL account when sales invoices arrive in Digital Postbox, eventhough the user has already selected one from processing phase.
    • Fixed issue with regards rejected invoices that are visible in the entry list.
    • Fixed bugs in creating template bookings.

    • Fixed issue with regards missing G/L account descriptions in masterdata.
    • Fixed issue regarding template button which is visible in supplier page when user don’t have the fastbooking module.
    • Fixed issue regarding rounding off exchange rates.

    • Fixed issue regarding permanent button for orders in assign scenario.

    • Fixed issue with regards unit price in Invoicing page wherein the user cannot enter the desired amount.
    • Fixed issue wherein the VAT Code and VAT Percentage are not copied when adding new article line.
    • Fixed issue with regards VAT Percentage that becomes zero after saving a particular invoice.
    • Fixed issue for Recurring Invoices wherein the VAT Percentage changes to zero.
    • Fixed issue for Recurring Invoices wherein “Duplicate” tag is visible.
    • Fixed issue for Recurring Invoices wherein incorrect notes or messages appear in the invoice.
    • Fixed issue wherein system error occurs when process button is clicked.

    • Fixed issue in processing the created order.

    • Fixed issue with regards deletion of user account.
    • Fixed issue in hiding the user in the portal or gateway when “Visible” field is set to False.
    • Fixed issue with regards user credentials sent to email address when new organization is created.

    Web Service
    • Replaced the “System” with username from WS. and in journal.cs I get the userId of the username and pass it to audit trail model.


    Bookscreen / Digital Postbox / Journal Entries
    • Added new feature that enables user to do basic mathematical operations, i.e. addition, subtraction, etc., in the bookscreen’s amount fields.
    • Added new feature wherein the user can search G/L Accounts when F2 Button is pressed. The cursor should be in G/L Account field when F2 Button is pressed.

    • Additional CfBW security module.
    • Additional dropdown field wherein user can select existing administration from third-party application that is not yet in MFO. This will automatically fill-in the fields pertaining to administration information, whatever is available in the third-party application

    Master Data
    • Added new field where user can select VAT Code Type in creating new VAT Codes.

Version 2.3 (September 25, 2016)


    • Fixed issue with regards consistency of language set.
    • Fixed system error in loading data for a new company.
    • Fixed issue with regards generated stamp number of invoices imported to Expert M (Kluwer) which is said to be unclear if the document is in landscape format.
    • Fixed issueFixed issueCashFlowByWeb modules were configured to be shown only if the organization is related to CashFlowByWeb.
    • Fixed issue with regards redirection of user to its dedicated MFO site when logging in via

    Dashboard / Reports
    • Made fixes on dashboard widget and outstanding report (aging).

    Bookscreen / Digital Postbox / Journal Entries
    • Fixed issue on entry number that when invoice is reset from Journal entry back to Digital Postbox, entry number is not retained but rather set back to empty for all invoices processed thru Scan Street.
    • Fixed bug on amount shown in the Digital Postbox list.
    • Fixed bug on GL Account field in the book screen that it will show both the ledger account number and the ledger account description.
    • Fixed bug on reset button in the Journal Entries page.
    • Fixed issue on amount field in the book screen – summation of exclusive amount and VAT amount.
    • Fixed bug on GL Account fast booking color in Digital Postbox.
    • Fixed issue with regards coordination of default VAT Code and VAT Percentage in the book screen.

    • Fixed bug in manual creation of journals that it will retain description filled in after saving.
    • Fixed issue on unit price format related with the language set.
    • Fixed issue with regards manual creation of journals wherein upload widget does not reflect the correct description.
    • Fixed issue in adding bank accounts of suppliers.
    • Fixed issue in creation of new customer (Customer number already exists error).
    • Removed the Invoicing tab in Master data settings if the user has no Invoicing module.

    • Fixed issue on invoice date in the Worklist page.
    • Fixed issue in amount in header and amount in line in Work List edit page – should always equal before approval can done successfully.
    • Fixed the database constraints (Workflow).

    • Fixed issue on disapproved invoices in Invoicing page that it will go back to Draft stage.
    • Fixed issue in viewing document in the Invoicing List page.
    • Fixed issue with regards date sequence in invoicing that it must be sorted by invoice date.
    • Fixed issue in attaching PDF files in creating sales entry.

    • Fixed issue in generating .csv file of orders.
    • Removed the loading symbol in the “Journal” filtering field when the invoice/order is processed.

    • Fixed issue with regards deletion of user account.
    • Fixed issue in hiding the user in the portal or gateway when “Visible” field is set to False.
    • Fixed issue with regards user credentials sent to email address when new organization is created.

Version 2.2 (June 13, 2016)


  • When user clicked process button in SalesEditlist page, it redirects to SalesChange page and if it process more than one order, the system will navigate to the next order.
  • VAT CODE and VAT PERCENTAGE in Order page is not required.
  • In the Order page, if an Order is Open, it will be visible in the Order Draft and if it is Processed, Order Number will be shown. If it is already Approved, Order Number will reflect while the rest is Draft Number.
  • Save and Next button on Supplier and Customer list pages.
  • PDF preview button in Booking list.
  • When an Administration is new, the processed invoice will have a generated entry number format year0001.
  • Improved MFO Reports Layout.
  • Administration search field in Gateway is improved.
  • Notification “No email to order creator found” appear only in the last/final approval of order.
  • Bank details is filled in with data from BANK IBAN.
  • Field color improved. ( Danger : dark red | Warning : red | Info: light blue | Success: green )

  • Made fix when Hidden fields(VAT Code and VAT percentage) after saving was visible (field customization)
  • A fix made in Decimal places in the amount received in mail.
  • A fix when changes wasn’t save in Use line processing.
  • A fix in Start date and End date fields whenever it’s clicked, calendar should pop up.
  • When processing Purchase order in Edit page, it redirects to Sales Order page and not in the Purchase Order list.
  • Notification message text Ordered by was now change to For.
  • A fix when the Payment Condition was not yet set while the Due date field is in red field already.
  • Made fix when an Error message occurred if preview button is clicked.
  • Image not showing when the user hover the cursor in the name column of Digital Postbox is fixed.
  • Made changes in Bookscreen- column name for Currency in Dutch language.
  • Fix dropdown in SalesChangeList under Approved and Processed tab.
  • A fix in Save button in Scenario since it is not working.
  • A small fix in the Delivery Note Date (Header) of the Worklist has been changed to Invoice date.
  • Wrong text order details in Financial page is fixed.
  • Due invoices are not visible once Due for payment is checked.

  • Customization field is already added in the payment list and also the Bank # details, PDF and Credit Note.
  • Change the description of the accounts without opening all the individual lines of a booking.
  • Flagging in Company Settings “USE SEPA”.
  • Reset button visible on pages Ready to be Paid, SEPA created and Paid status in Payment List page.
  • Added a new column Memo date in the Payment List.
Version 2.1 (May 3, 2016)


  • Added Your code column and filtering/search function in Scans monitor page in MFO
  • Upon creation of company via API it will create automatically a mailroom address

  • Error page in invoice edit (Digital Postbox) using the Edit button and the link in the description.
  • A fix in Payment Condition where due date is not the same with the invoice date after setting it to 0 days.
  • A fix in Invoice that was still on the list after assigning a scenario.
Version 2.0 (April 23, 2016)


  • An improvement on Sending Email dropdown list in Company Settings
  • In Payment List with Paid Status can now generate SEPA FILE.
  • Exporting status column is visibile in Journal Entries
  • Added second email address field under contact info for Supplier/Customers to add an extra mail address.
  • Users List can now generate CSV, EXCEL, PDF file along with its assigned Modules and Companies.
  • Default workflow template when creating new administration is available.
  • Workflow Report Module is enhanced through Outstanding Invoice that will reflect its total number of invoices per administration.
  • To be booked column in Outstanding Invoice is clickable and will direct the user to DP of the company
  • In Company Settings, there is an added field called Days Due as basis in the Payment List.
  • In Payment list, a check box field Due for payment is also added that will display all records that are in due.
  • In Company Wizard, email, contact name is no longer required.
  • Made enhancement when Financial Year is clicked, Book and VAT period automatically adjust.
  • Generated reports in PDF are enhanced.
  • Invoice format is changed when Scans Licensed is set in LITE version.

  • Added Order Type module to automatically assign the order in the scenario.
  • Added Search Account functionality in Bookscreen.
  • Added an Order Type switch field in Order page that is customizable on both Sales or Purchase.
  • Added For Quality Checking field in Digital Post Box Edit List that will filter invoices that were set for Quality Checking.
  • Users with rights in ‘Invoicing Delete’  & ‘Book Delete’ module may delete a processed invoice or booking.

  • A fix in Digital Postbox entry on its status column depending on the Language being used.
  • For Acct. Softwares Procure and Wings, next button is already clickable after inputting the code.
  • Can delete created Order type that is not yet used.
  • A little fix in Date fields since upon creation of invoice it is highligted with red even if it is in correct date format.
  • A fix in the calculation of difference in the Journal Entry.
  • A small fix on worklist buttons.
  • A fix on User page language selected that can’t be saved.
  • A fix on disarrange Status bar in Synchronization
  • VAT percentage will be automatically filled out when Vat Code is selected.
  • A bug fixed in responsible person field button in User List Edit since after saving, changes was not applied.
  • Reassign button will only visible to user with Digital Postbox Edit module in Digital Postbox.
Version 1.0 (March 6, 2016)


  • An improvement on Assign Scenario page in which the remarks can be edited.
  • In Invoicing menu, it can now generate uploaded invoices that are not yet exported.
  • An enhancement made in the Approval History Report where in Date Column is added.
  • The template language for Invoicing and Order will be based on the language of the account being used.
  • Added the “Search Company” button for easy creation of new administration in Company Wizard.
  • Made enhancement in the Item Code and Description fields where in Description can only be shown in the field except for Currency.
  • Set local admin as the Default User upon creation of the new Administration in Company Wizard.
  • Improvement on the language used on template for mail and Workflow.

  • Added a column named “WHO” in the Worklist to be able to know who did the last action of the Invoice.
  • Added a column (Date) for the approval history in PDF file.
  • Added Export Type (SEPA File) in Invoicing and Payment list page.
  • Field “Period Date Control” was added in Company Settings in which it is used as booking basis.
  • User can be given Read Only Access. User that was assigned for Read Only Access will be able to see the Worklist of the selected user but can’t do Approve, Disapprove and On Hold. It can only be viewed.

  • In Company Settings (Order menu),wrong attachment type is being shown.
  • A small fix in giving user access rights to a certain company.
  • Select Delivery Notes button in Workflow is not working
  • Fix in VAT Amount calculation when processing Invoice in Digital Postbox Edit.

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